In a day and age when many are looking to and for God in times of uncertainty, author Anita Singh defines righteousness in her book, “The Pursuit of Righteousness” to help Christians better understand how their faith in Jesus Christ ✝️ for salvation makes them “right” before God. The book is designed to teach readers how one’s right-standing (righteousness) with God is actually a matter of the heart and not works (religious pursuits). “The Pursuit of Righteousness” will teach readers how to eliminate the religious requirements for salvation they have been taught and  embrace a no-strings attached authentic relationship with God, the Father, one that is unconditional, faith-based, and derived out of pure love .
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About the author

"As a student of the Word, it was important for me to share what I learned concerning the Gospel, righteousness and one's salvation in Jesus Christ and how they correlate to your right-standing with God, and as a result, a book was birthed."

-Anita Singh